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Tafsir Quran al-kahf – al-nas (nisf al-thani)


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Pages 612
Language Arabic
Call number Arabic MSS 00003
Digitizing sponsor University of Toronto
Book contributor Fisher - University of Toronto
Collection thomasfisherarabic; thomasfisher; toronto
Notes No title page found. No table-of-contents pages found. No copyright page found.


Reviewer: Muhammad Umar Chand - - June 24, 2014
Subject: The date of copy of this Manuscript
The last page of the Mss. gives the following date of completing the copy-- it says, before Dhuhur (before afternoon prayer) on the 6th of Jamdil Thani 1250 Hijri (Sadis Jamdi-Sani, Khamseen wa miatain, wa alif (1250) Hijri.
Reviewer: suat - - March 18, 2014
Subject: بيضاوي
Kadı Beyzavi!nin Tefsiri 2. cilt